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Every home that has traditional sash windows will benefit from Ecobead sash window draught proofing. Ecobead is a discrete, non-restrictive draught seal around the existing window frame which does not compromise the appearance of your sash window.

Ecobead sash window draught proofing system cannot be seen when closed, and when opened you’ll only see neatly installed draught seals protruding from the sash.

Other benefits include:

Reduced loss of heat

Reduce energy bills

Less noise / smoke pollution

Smooth opening & closing of sash

Benefits of Ecobead sash window draught proofing

If the financial incentive wasn’t enough reason to have your sash windows draught proofed there’s also the environmental benefits to consider of not having the heating / air con turned up longer than is necessary. Draught proofing pile is low drag and reduces friction, this means the sash will travel smoothly, and make the sash far easier to open and close. Additionally, the lower drag will result in far less scuffing, and smudging of your paintwork. Whilst draught proofing sash windows, you may want to replace your sash window furniture at the same time. We recommend the Brighton fastener and sash lifts in Brass, Chrome, or Satin. The Brighton fasteners are recommended over Fitch fasteners because a Brighton fastener operates on the basis of tightening and screwing together which brings meeting rails together more firmly than a latch. This means the window is more secure and better draught proofed.

What is Draught proofing?

Our draught proofing system is simply a series of brush piles that entirely seal the perimeter of the sash window. Brush pile is inserted into all perimeters of your sash window to achieve a complete seal. The top of the top sash, meeting rails, lower rail of lower sash, parting bead, and staff bead all have draught seals installed. Please take a look at this diagram to help make our sash window draught proofing system easier to understand.

In our experience a draught proofing system will have an effective period of around ten years. We offer a 5 year guarantee on our product. Given energy payback is likely achieved in half this time, it represents an excellent home upgrade. Along with regular maintenance of the sash windows, for example, ensuring any wood rot is maintained, and quality sash window cords and pulleys / spiral balances are used, the lifespan of a sash window can be expected to last for years.

There is often a presumption that old is bad and new is good. This is not necessarily so: historic and traditional buildings have stood the test of time, demonstrating their sustainability in an ever-changing world.

New windows and pointing have taken the character out of many well-loved buildings and streetscapes. Traditional sash windows can be very durable: many original Georgian and Victorian windows are still in place, whereas modern windows tend to be designed to have very much shorter lives. Window replacement can easily destroy the character of a traditional building. Traditional windows are often considered to be draughty, prone to condensation and hard to maintain. On the other hand, with good care and maintenance traditional windows may outlast modern replacements and may be considered as a sustainable resource.

Technical Data

Base is made from polypropylene. The pile is made from polypropylene yarn. The yarn is siliconized to reduce friction and improve water repellence. The yarn is specially crimped to enlarge the sealing area, providing a denser barrier against air and water penetration. The polypropylene barrier fin is ultrasonically welded into the base and will not detach. The yarn is woven and thermo-bonded to the polypropylene base. Each fibre forms a permanent root in the base and will not shed or pull out even when cutting to length. When the window is static, the pile is in compression. Sliding the window open increases the dynamic loading by applying shear forces to the root of the pile. Closing the window then pulls the fibres in the opposite direction, further testing the integrity of the pile. Low friction, strength and durability are therefore particularly important qualities, for which polypropylene is the ideal material. Polypropylene is chemically inert and compatible with all window frames.

Our Guarantee to You

Our 5 year Ecobead GUARANTEE covers product failure due to manufacturing defects, under normal usage for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

This guarantee excludes any products that have been incorrectly installed, maintained, or operated in a way that constitutes misuse and abuse, negligence, accidental damage or general wear and tear. Products must not be modified from their original supplied state. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate your guarantee.


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