EcoBead - Insulated Draught Seal Beading

Our draught proofing system is simply a series of brush piles that entirely seal the perimeter of the sash window. Brush pile is inserted into all perimeters of your sash window to achieve a complete seal. The top of the top sash, meeting rails, lower rail of lower sash, parting bead, and staff bead all have draught seals installed. .

EcoBead: Meeting Rail Pile Carrier with Brush



Timber Draught Seal Stop / Staff Bead 30mm x 18mm



Timber Draught Seal Stop / Staff Bead 22mm x 18mm



Timber Draught Seal Parting Bead 25mm x 8mm



Sash Window Hardware Kit

Whilst draught proofing sash windows, you may want to replace your sash window furniture at the same time. We recommend the Brighton Fastener and Traditional Sash Lift to complete the renovation of your window. The Brighton Fasteners are recommended over other types of fasteners because a Brighton Fastener operates on the basis of tightening and screwing together which brings meeting rails together more firmly than a latch. This means the window is more secure and better draught proofed.

This set Includes the following, perfect for one sash window (bay): 1 x Brighton Fastener and 2 x Traditional Sash Lifts.

Satin Chrome Sash Window Hardware Kit



Polished Chrome Sash Window Hardware Kit



Polished Brass Sash Window Hardware Kit




Using insulated beading greatly reduces rattles and draughts, and increases the energy efficiency of homes



Pre-primed timber staff and parting beads

Pre-inserted with brush seal

Pre-primed timber staff and parting beads

Available in 3m lengths, large enough for most windows, while minimising wastage

Designed and manufactured in Australia using the finest quality materials

EcoBead makes your windows

resistant to:





TIMER | The most environmentally friendly building material on the planet!

About Western Red Cedar

A durable, yet soft timber, Western Red Cedar has good workability. It cuts, machines and glues well and can also be painted easily. It also nails and screws well. Western Red Cedar is used for applications such as cladding, joinery, windows, doors and roofing shingles. Natural preservatives provide resistance to fungus and insect attack, while its low density also offers good insulation qualities. It can be used in many types of weather conditions due to its natural durability.

Our Guarantee to You

Our 5 year Ecobead GUARANTEE covers product failure due to manufacturing defects, under normal usage for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase.

This guarantee excludes any products that have been incorrectly installed, maintained, or operated in a way that constitutes misuse and abuse, negligence, accidental damage or general wear and tear. Products must not be modified from their original supplied state. Failure to follow these instructions may invalidate your guarantee.


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